Demsky Ice Tires

Ice Tires Available for 2013 / 2014 Season
  • Shinko 520A (copy of old Yokahama 520 superdigger) 18" and 19" rear and 21" front
  • Bridgestone ED11 - 21" front only
  • Bridgestone M59  21" front only 

Ice screws available 
        Kold Kutter Canadians - 1/4" head - 11/4", 11/2" length           Pro Gold Racing studs (Maverick) - 1/4" head 11/2" length 

  • Get a new knobby tire
  • Cut the sidewalls off of two worn out street tires and profile the outer edges 
  • Insert the street tire liners on the inside of the knobby tire
  • Mount the knobby on the rim
  • Install the rim and tire onto a custom designed tire lathe
  • Lathe spins wheel at 400 r.p.m.
  • Cut tire knobs profile, one side for oval track and both sides for endurance.
  • Install 650 11/2" tempered ice racing screws

    Hints for Tire Installation
  • DO NOT Use a tire machine. Rim clamps will impede bead from pushing in to rim.
  • Lay rim sprocket side down, install rim lock, lube up tire bead and install 1 side of tire, be sure of proper directional rotation.
  • Install tube carefully. A 2nd person is helpful to hold bead up while first lays in tube.
  • Final side lubricate generously. Start opposite rim lock. Use tire 3 or 4 irons to start bead. Wedge large screwdrivers in between bead and inner rim lip as you go. This will push the bead into the rim well to allow for looser bead when you finish at the rim lock. Be careful of the tube at all times. takes small incriments of bead each time. A second person is helpful to hold tire irons down. Work both sides equally until you finish at the rim lock. DO NOT force bead. If the bead seems too tight then you must try to push the opposite side down into the rim well more with wedges. Use C-clamps on the tire to help squeeze the tire together if absolutely nessesary. Make sure the rim lock pushes up before you take last couple of bites.
  • Run air pressure between 12 and 20 p.s.i. Softer tire for hard ice or harder tire for soft ice.           
      NEW ICE AND SNOW TIRE PRICING                                                 
  • Endurance ICE tires cut and stud both sides 
    *$550.00 CAD rear 18" or 19"  
    *$500.00 CAD 21"frt.
    price per set $1000 CAD
     frt and rear
    OVAL track tires Also available 

    $450.00 ea.CAD
     18"& 19" rear  21" front available
  • H/D tire covers available for both types of tires 
  • $60.00 CAD


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